Does the placement test cost anything?

Response from Ask Me:

The first time you take the placement test, it is free.

If you are retesting (first retest) for the first time, you have two options:

          (1) Go to and click on the For Students option and then to your right you will see sample test questions.  Print out the questions.  Complete the questions for the test you want to retake.  Score your answers against the answer key and figure out why the right answer for the questions you got wrong is right.  This will help you to do better on the retest!  Bring your completed work with you and we will not charge you a retest fee.  You can also go to and download the free Accuplacer app.  Bring your phone with you, pull up the app, and show that you completed the sample questions and again, we will not charge you for your first retake.

          (2) Pay the retest fee by going to the Bursar, testing center, or website for the retake form, pay the fee, and retest at one of the testing center locations.

A second retest requires that you meet with a Student Success Coordinator at one of the three campus locations, complete the Plato LEARN personalized pathway software (can be completed at home) with at least an 80% on the post test, and then pay the retest fee.  If you do not have the score you want after the second retest, you should take the class that you tested into.

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