What does it mean to withdraw (WD) from a course?

Response from Ask Me:

You may withdraw from a course anytime in your Online Services (https://idp.csmd.edu/nidp/i... ) account (exception: athletes, probation, international, and energetics students must contact an advisor) before the last day to withdraw without a grade for the semester (check the current calendar for dates). Your obligation to the course has ended and your transcript will reflect "WD" and you will not receive a grade for the course. 
If you receive financial assistance at CSM, withdrawing from classes after they begin may affect your award amount. If you have questions, please contact Financial Assistance at 301-934-7531. 
If you are receiving VA Benefits, withdrawing from classes may affect your benefits. If you have questions about your benefits, please contact the Registrar's Office at 301-934-7588.

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